Mermaid Bikini Top can be worn over 44 ways!

Mermaid Bikini Top can be worn over 44 ways!

When we started we had 17 ways you could wear our Mermaid Bikini Top. Now we are up to over 30 ways, on singlec olours and 44 ways on our reversible colours! Customising your bikini top to suit you, and giving you a different look every day of your holiday. We know that's important for your insta snaps.

Tips - Smaller Chests look great in the sideways looks, Bigger chests have support with thicker straps around your neck so it doesn't cut in. Wearing the cross over or centre ties gives you more cleavage. 

Tan Lines - Change up your bikini to different ways to avoid distinct tan lines from wearing it the same way all the time.

Reversible - while they were all always reversible, we have now introduced 2 colours on the 1 bikini top, giving you even more looks with the 1 top, over 44 ways!

Check out just a few ways all of our Mermaid Bikini Tops can be worn. Note where the purple is so you can see which way you place the triangle.

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