New designs and colours launching every few months!

We also offer customisation on our swimwear such as crystal bling. Contact us if you need something special

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  • Want to look different each day of your holiday?
    We got you.

    Some of our swimwear is convertible and can be worn in so many different ways.
    Check out our Mermaid Bikini tops or 1 piece swimsuit to see how you can custom deign your look. Our Mermaid Bikini top can be worn over 17 different ways!
    Also check out our instagram for inspo @seawitch.swimwear

    Are you a different Size top and bottom?
    We got you.
    You can buy all of our bikini pieces separate so you can mix and match sizes, styles and colours to create the perfect Seawitch Swimwear look for you.

  • Do you care about your future and your children's future?
    We got you.
    We understand our responsibility to the people and the planet.
    All of our swimwear is manufactured in Australia, including the inner cups.
    So by buying from us, you are supporting Australian Families and their future.
    Our Swimwear fabric is made from more then 75% recycled plastics, and fishing nets reclaimed from the ocean. All of our packaging is biodegradable. So not only are we not creating more plastics, but we are also helping remove them from the Oceans.
    And don't worry, the fabric is soft and comfortable and premium quality.

  • Want to be on trend?

    We got you.

    We want to make sure you stay on trend. We look at what colours suit skin tones, what will make you stand out in all the right ways, what will be most flattering and also what's in fashion, not just now but 2 years ahead. We are sure you will love our colours and designs at much as we do.

    Are you all for Body Positivity?
    We got you.
    So are we! Every body is a Bikini Body! Celebrate your body and all it can do. You are amazing. We love seeing your images of you wearing our swimwear. So please tag us on instagram @seawitch.swimwear

    You will also notice that we love models of all sizes and shapes. We want to normalise all body types.